Volunteer Training

Since September 2009, DDU has started the Volunteer Training program. In order to be DDU volunteers, the candidate shall have taken at least 6 hours of the basic training program held by DDU or by others. The Basic Training Program includes the communication of DDU’s missions and the establishment of a strong relationship with the public in order for the volunteers to understand the missions of DDU and develop a working relationship.

As far as the Training Program for Groups is concerned, a volunteering leader training camp will be held once every academic year in order to strengthen the operation of our volunteer organization. The Special Training Program focuses on the implementation of administration and maintenance tasks to improve the efficiency of daily operations. Furthermore, a volunteer Internship Program will be arranged: a pre-assignment training program is provided to improve attendance and to reduce any frustration caused by misunderstanding. Ad-hoc seminars will be held from time to time to conduct discussions, hold lectures, share ideas, exchange experiences; volunteers will also actively participate in meetings of community volunteer organizations, and visit other well-performing volunteer organizations.

Participants who have attended our training program and who have attended a minimum of two-thirds of the classes, will receive a certificate. In the future, in order to implement the commitment and responsibility to society, DDU will develop 4 main volunteer schemes linked to its four schools (Life & Living, Philanthropy, Art & Culture, Environmental Studies) to provide professional training programs, which will not be restricted to on-campus service but will extend the service to the community.

2008 Dharma Drum University Art Volunteer Training Series -
Buddhist Art Lecture: "Discovery of India"

For the forthcoming operation of the Dharma Drum University Art Center and Museum, the enthusiastic participation of a group of people who love the arts/literature is necessary in order to let the spirit of the arts and humanities penetrate into every corner of society. Therefore, during November and December of 2008, the Preparatory Office of Dharma Drum University held a series of lecture courses about the arts and the humanities to encourage the voluntarily participation from the community and from college students who are interested in Buddhist art to sow the seeds of the Dharma Drum arts volunteer team.

2009 "Discovery of India" Travel experience-sharing meeting about Buddhist Cave Art – Travel to India and the Beauty of Caves

In the afternoon of April 11, 2009, Degui Academy delivered the arts travel experience of "Discovery of India" organized from January 8 to 22, 2009. The arts volunteers who participated in the overseas field trip shared the precious visual data of the important Buddhist sites. A total of 104 people attended the meeting which is the first accomplishment of the Dharma Drum University arts volunteers.