20030226 Major Events

Master Sheng Yen, Founder of DDM, visits Daye University in Zhanghua County, and exchanges experiences on running schools with its president, Mr. Liu Shui-shen. Those accompanying the Master included Prof. Zheng Ding-wang, Ven. Hui Min, and President Zeng Ji-qun. The Founder instructs the establishment of a “Consulting Team for Operation and Development”. The team is to be convened by Prof. Zheng Ding-wang, and its members include Ven. Hui Min and President Zeng. The “ Construction Planning Team” is also set up. It is to be convened by President Zeng, and its members include the staff of the Engineering Affairs Office of DDM and that of Dayuan Architect’s Office, which is in charge of the planning and design for the College campus