Project I: The Life-Care Project Of Typhoon Morakot

Life Care Project 


  • To understand and manage the actual needs of the areas affected by typhoon Morakot.
  • A schedule to handle the physical and mental care.
  • Integrated planning of the physical and mental support systems.
  • To integrate local resources.
  • To establish a feedback system.
  • To fulfill the need of long-term accompanying care.
  • To achieve the importance of the stationed support system.
  • From the creating of relationships and companionship, to guidance and assistance.
  • To integrate the Life Education with the Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance Campaign.


  • Participants in the project can exchange opinions with each other by providing their own experiences based on their learning and teaching characteristics and can thus in turn grow and become able to provide the most appropriate way to those who need spiritual companionship and services.
  • Project contents include different objects, topics, and all age ranges, thus providing a complete blueprint of life-care education.
  • By providing post-disaster spiritual renewal and companionship, students' long-term healing experience in the support of learning and growing will be an important reference to build up the further needs and plans.
  • Properly apply to those who need help after typhoon Morakot and through the promotion of life care we will be able to achieve a profound transformation and we can create a compassionate, grateful, peaceful and joyful new world.


  • Dharma Drum University:preparing for and planning the activities.
  • DDM Social Welfare and Charity Foundation:administrative support, including coordination and integration of professionals and volunteers resources. Assistance in promotion and implementation.
  • Grateful Foundation:financial support, experience sharing and assistance in promotion and execution.

Project I: Workshops Of Life Care And Life Education

This project plans to train and assist the volunteers, including:

  • Education, targeting those who teach in elementary schools and junior high schools in Linbian, Jiaxian and Liugui.
  • Workshop of Life Care, targeting the local communities and associations in Linbian, Jiaxian and Liugui.