Volunteer Recruitment

The complete volunteering system to actualize the mission of "Confidence (Xin), Vows(Yuan), Practice(Xing)": after conquering many difficulties, Master Sheng Yen, in keeping with his perseverance and his compassionate vows of "Vows stimulates Spirit, Spirit uphold physical strength", eventually establishes the Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) education Center step by step to promote three types of Education, , namely education through academics, education through public outreach and education through caring service. The Mission of DDU is to cultivate talents to be persons with sound character, ethics and professionalism who can devote him/herself to benefiting the world.

Volunteers are one of the most precious resources to DDM. The Training and Promotion of Volunteers is one of the main schemes for the DDU education Life. Our Mission is to actualize "Confidence (Xin), Vows(Yuan), Practice(Xing)" : to enhance the confidence of the students in leadership (Confidence), to develop the ability to shoulder the responsibly (Vows), to empower students to implement their tasks effectively (Practice) in order to reach the ideal of willingness to take the responsibility and to devote him/herself. In order to stimulate our student’s sense of undertaking missions and responsibilities while serving the international society, DDU encourages students to take part in international voluntary services, and to interact with citizens worldwide and thus become true members of the Global Village. Through these energetic efforts the DDU strives to play a role on the international stage. Apart from that, based on the principle of promoting cooperative national economic development, the DDU mission also encompasses a great variety of practices including educational counseling, computer literacy training, information service, community empowerment, health care, wildlife and nature protection, humanitarian care and relief, and many other international volunteering-related services. In addition to these goals, Dharma Drum University also focuses on establishing cooperation with international NGOs to facilitate the UN to reach its goals for global development, and assisting all Dharma Drum Mountain’s overseas offices with their outreach to overseas communities.