Frequently Asked Questions

Can volunteers have days off?
  • Yes. Please notify your supervisor or team leader in advance. You can switch shifts with your volunteer partners.
What are the benefits for volunteers?
  • Volunteer service certificates are provided for volunteers in good standing for continuing education, professional promotion or other reasons on needed basis.
  • Volunteers who have worked for 50 hours or more are eligible to apply for library cards and photo I.D. cards.
  • Volunteers who have worked for 50 hours or more are eligible for 20% discount on “Envisioning the Dharma Drum University” courses.
  • Storage closets for personal effects located on 6th to 8th floors are provided for volunteers on duty.
  • Lunch is provided for volunteers from Monday through Friday at the Degui Academy.
How do I become a volunteer at the University?
  • The recruitment process includes registration, interview, before-the-job training and internship (with a minimum attendance rate of 2/3 throughout the process). Volunteer service IDs are granted for the duration of one year.
What are the areas of service?
  • Maintaining school environments to enhance the space use and the service quality,
  • Help to promote educational and administrative functions and activities,
  • Help to promote energy saving measures,
  • Participating in school’s public services,
  • Related school’s volunteer services.
    Please refer to task needed for detailed information.
Can I work from home?
  • Yes. Things such as editing, text transcribing, event planning, web design, translation, poster design, word processing, data collecting etc. could be done from home.
What I can do, if I am a full-time employee?
  • You can be a front desk volunteer or class assistant during your off time. Or you may work from home.
What I can do, if I am a retiree?
  • All healthy and enthusiastic seniors are eligible to apply.
I am not proficient with computers, can I still be a volunteer?
  • Yes. All people who are enthusiastic to serve and who are healthy are eligible to apply.
What should I do if I find out the work doesn’t suit me, after starting?
  • Notify your team leader or supervisor immediately to solve the problems.
I am a follower of Dharma Drum Mountain; why are we not greeted with “Amitabha” on the phones at the University?
  • We are a university and we respect the difference between a university and Dharma Drum Mountain centers. We hope to attract more people from the general public with general greetings.
Do volunteers get paid for their work? Or are there transportation allowances?
  • Like in other organizations, DDU volunteers participate voluntarily so there is no financial remuneration; depending on actual circumstances, the volunteering unit can apply for traveling expense allowance.
Can I eat meat at the University?
  • No. We advocate a healthy vegetarianism, so only vegetarian food is allowed at the Degui Academy.
Can I borrow books from the 10th floor library at the Degui Academy?
  • No. This service is not available right now, though you are welcome to read them in the library.However, holders of the photo library cards issued by DDU may borrow books in accordance with the library regulations.
Are volunteers required to handle payment for courses or donations?
  • No. We have regular full-time staff that handles money.
How do I help with the implementation of the energy saving policies at the Degui Academy?
  • Attend the educational training sessions,
  • Read related information provided by the University,
  • Follow the University policies or adopt the energy saving recommendations.
Are volunteers required to buy uniforms?
  • No. Vests are provided for the volunteers at the service desk on the 9th floor of the Degui Academy if needed.
When the buildings are completed at Jinshan, do I have to go there?
  • Preferably yes, but it won’t be required and it will be based on individual preference.
Who should I talk to if I have questions or differences in opinions regarding work?
  • Talk to your team leader or your supervisor first. If you still have questions, talk to the head of the department.
Are working hours flexible?
  • Prefer ably not. Consult with your team leader or your supervisor first regarding any questions concerning schedules.
How do I get in touch with other volunteers?
  • You can use the University’s email (volunteer@ddc.edu.tw).