Degui Academy


Old building renovation

The building of the Degui Campus was constructed from a 30-year old building by renovating and reutilizing, as this approach reduced the construction waste immensely. Except for reinforcing the structure of the old building to improve its earthquake resistance, the renovation approach included with varying degrees the outside walls, the indoor space and the equipment. Of course, comprehensive introduction of the latest green building practices has been a standard practice.

Resource sharing

Resource sharing is one of the ideas behind the establishment of Dharma Drum University. Resource sharing allows us to get the most out of resources while consuming the least from the environment. We did not add more indoor parking spaces in order to encourage everyone to take public transportation or to use public parking lots. Within the overall planning we also focused on the management and integration of public facilities or working spaces to reduce the amount of repetitive units and of unused space.

Networking and centralized resources

By making all teaching resources that can be digitalized available on the Internet we have prevented these materials from occupying too much actual space. This physical space can then be used for these teaching activities that really need face-to-face interaction. Effective allocation of resources between the Degui Campus and the Jinshan Main Campus has also been implemented. For example, compact shelving stacks in the library have been built to reduce the space of the books and the cost of purchasing the same books multiple times, while the two campuses can still get the same convenience and abundance in their resepctive book collection.