Our Campus


The present campus of Dharma Drum University includes the Jinshan Main Campus and the Degui Campus .

The Jinshan Main Campus

The Jinshan Main Campus covers about 25 hectares and is situated next to the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Education Park, located in Taipei County. Dharma Drum University follows the principle of ecological conservation and environmental protection of late Master Sheng Yen. The university adheres to environmental protection as a priority policy in order to find a balance between human-made constructions and original nature. Campus buildings are like organisms which have grown from the earth without affecting the harmony of nature. Or, as Master Sheng Yen said, “Do not try to make up for nature”, “Try not to build high-rises”, all based on the principle of "True colors".

The Degui Campus

The Degui Campus is located in the Chungcheng District, Taipei City, facing the square of Chungshan Hall which is a major national cultural monument. The building of the Degui Campus was constructed from a 30-year old building by renovating and reutilizing.