Sustainability Action Plan

Management strategy of the green campus

  • Executable strategy for proper use of space and equipment and for operation management is utilized to reach the goal of environmental sustainability.
  • The concept of “passive design”, which involves the use of natural resources by keeping things in harmony with their environmental conditions, was adopted to reduce the amount of resources consumed.
  • By monitoring the environment, the energy resources and the status information of the used energy, we are able to set regular quantitative targets. This way all users are able to fully understand the situation and take part actively in environmental sustainability.
  • Resources and facilities should be shared as much as possible and together with a centralized this will enable us to improve the rate of utilization and reduce the need for construction.
  • A facility management center for operating and monitoring the campus facilities is established.
  • Through the online information system which monitors various environmental data in real time and which is accessible through the campus bulletin board system, we provide educational resources to promote environmental protection and enhance people’s awareness of environmental sustainability.
  • We set up digital smart meters in the dormitory rooms, classrooms and administrative units. It will inform users immediately about the situation of the energy utilized and the energy conservation effect.
  • Our development strategy is to share facilities with the neighboring community so as to reduce the amount of constructed facilities in the area.
  • We provide a simple user’s manual for building users and non- technical administrators. It will enable them to understand the operation methods and the environmental protection indicators of the building.
  • We always consider the low maintenance requirements and high maintain efficiency in our building regulations, building systems and landscape facilities.