【Philanthropy Forum】Micro volunteer, from outsider to insider

Andrew, the founder of 1KG.org & iGeey.com, will share his observations on the development of volunteer linking network in China based on his experiences.
Topic: Micro volunteer, from outsider to insider
Day/Time: January 8, 2011
Venue: R715, Dharma Drum Degui Academy. No.77, Yanping S. Rd., Jhongjheng District, Taipei City.
Speaker: Andrew Yu, the founder of 1KG.org & iGeey.com.
Moderator: Min-Hsiu Chiang, Dean of Dean of the College of Hakka Studies at National Central University.
Panelist: Chiung-Ling Chang , Vice Chairman of International Association for Volunteer Effort-Taiwan.
Registration Website URL: http://www.ddc.edu.tw/zh-tw/registration/OutsiderToInsider

About 1kg-MORE.
1kg-MORE was initiated in April 2004 by Andrew Yu. It is currently a nation-wide voluntary-work campaign in China. It is a website that mobilises young travellers to support underprivileged schools. It has collected detailed data about needy schools in rural areas and urges travellers to carry a little more in their luggage and visit those schools during their journey, communicate with children, spread the awareness and share the good fortune. Nowadays, more than 1000 rural schools has gained consistent and warm support from 10,000 volunteers of 1kg-MORE and at least 1 million people have knock-on affected.