Philosopher Café: Tolerate and Endure

Are there unbearable burdens or intolerable vexations and sorrows in life?
Are acceptance and forbearance the opposite of each other?
Or do they just differ in extent?
What kind of perspective will it bring to our lives with the understanding of the proverb such as “take a step back to view a bigger and broader world”?

If you are willing to believe that there is a philosopher within you waiting to be discovered,
If you are willing to spend an weekend afternoon to allow your light of insight to shine in life,
If you are willing to participate and engage in a dialogue about life between you and others,
In the hope that through listening, expressing, contemplating, and communicating, the potential of transforming life will be activated.
Then you are the one whom Philosopher Cafe would most eagerly invite to participate in the event.

Topic: Tolerate and Endure
Place: 77, Yanping S. Rd., Taipei; Degui Academy 10th floor
Inviter: Ku, Chung-Yu/ Assistant Professor of Life and Living School, DDU
Host: Dharma Drum University﹘School of life and living
Registration Fee:$200(can be made at the venue). Coffee and refreshments will be served.

Online registration: http://www.ddc.edu.tw/zh-tw/registration/pc-tolerateandendure