The Art of Silk Road Buddhism Seminar


(1) Gansu Buddhist Grottoes Archaeology

Gansu is the hub and the necessary path to the Silk Road, located at the important gateway between the Western Region and Central China. Gansu was the first affecting area when Buddhism came from Central Asia through the Western Region spread into the Mainland China; at the same time, the majority rulers of "Sanqin", and "Wuliang" in Gansu were either believed or respected Buddhism. Buddhist Grottoes in Gansu Province have become well established. In Gansu has the most number of grottoes been built through different time frames and by different ethnics in different areas through out the whole of China, which present strong local characteristics. In this seminar, the speaker will share his enjoyment and hardship of archaeological experience over the past few decades in Gansu to explore and reveal the research of Grottoes in Gansu and its glorious history of elegance.

(2)Xinjiang Buddhist Mural Appreciation

Xinjiang, used to be called Western Region, is the first area accepting Buddhism in China which contents different ethnics and rich cultures. Xinjiang is the other necessary path to the Silk Road. With the introduction of Buddhism into Xinjiang, Buddhism and Buddhist culture has become popular among people in the area; the Grottoes and temples have been built throughout the Xinjiang. This seminar will introduce several different remaining Buddhist grottoes, temples, colorful murals, and statues in Xinjiang to reveal the Buddhist culture and the unique charm of its high artistic achievements in Xinjiang


Mr Dong, Yuxiang, Former researcher of institute of archaeology in Gansu Province。Mr. Dong joined the Institute of archaeology in Gansu since 1961, who is also a student of famous grottoes archaeologist Prof. Yen, Wenru in Beijing University. In the past fifty years, Mr. Dong has been to all different grottoes in Gansu and other major grottoes in China. With his in depth research in these ancient sites, he has tremendous contribution to China, especially to Gansu Grottoes.

Mr. Dong has published a lot of related research paper, such as, Buddhist Art of Number Fifty Yungang Grottoes、The Formation and Development of Beiwei Buddhist Art in Longmen Grottoes、The Stages of Maiji Grottoes、Beiliang Buddhism and Buddhist Art、Mati temple Grottoes Art in Zhangye、The Research of Early Stage of Muogao and Other Grottoes Art、The Inheritance and Development of Xinjiang and Gansu Grottoes…; Individual publication includes, Qinyangbei Grottoes、Hexi Grottoes、Chinese Art – Maijishan Grottoes and Murals、Chinese Art – Binlin Temple sculpture、Number 169 Binlin Grottoes、 The Art Gallery – Gansu Grottoes Temple、Gansu – The Grottoes Treasures on The Silk Road.