2010 the Art of Asia Buddhism Camp-China V.S. India stone carving

Instead of the lecture method of Asia Buddhism art throughout the whole Asia, this camp focus on introduce the development of Buddhist sculpture in Dingzhou, Hebei Province of China and the image meaning of stone carving in the Great Stupa at Sanchi in India. Both places have very abundant Buddhist culture and found a large number of stone carving arts. Students will understand in-depth of Buddhist sculpture for both places. Invited lectures have many years of field research experience and also a book published. Which allow participants combining lectures and books to study and understand Buddhist art in the shortest time. Event date: 2010/01/30~2010/02/01 (Sat. ~ Mon.) Location: BanQiao Culture Square (7F #242 2nd Section Wenhua Rd. Banqiao district New Taipei City)

 Course Outline:

  1. Art and Modeling for Chinese Buddhism research
  2. Images and thoughts for Chinese Buddhism art
  3. Chinese Buddhism drawing study
  4. Dingzhou Buddhist sculpture review
  5. Dialog on China and India stone carving

The Great Stupe at Shanchi in India


Prof. Lin, Baoyao
Present: Professor of Center for Traditional Art at Taipei National University of the Arts
Education: Ph.D. Fine Arts at University of Tsukuba in Japan
Specialty: Buddhism drawing, fine arts, and culture studies

Prof. Li, Jingjie
Present: Professor of College of Fine Arts at Qinhua University, China
Education: Ph.D. Fine Arts at Nagoya University in Japan
M.S. History and Archeology at Beijing University in China
Specialty: Buddhism drawing and Buddhism Archeology