Introductory lecture series on Chan culture,Topic:What is Chan, exactly? It is peace of mind and body attained by penetrating into the true reality of life.

What is Chan, exactly? It is peace of mind andbody attained by penetrating intothe true reality of life.


The true reality of life is the realsituations of an entity of life that manifests impermanence, suffering, emptiness, and selflessness in the cycle of birth and death. Therefore the Buddha taught his disciples to observe and contemplate on the impermanence, suffering, emptiness, and selflessness involved in the elements that constitute our life, and thereby settling our body and mind in the state of nirvana,where we gain liberation from samsara, or the cycle of rebirth.


How should we addressthis big question of life? Dr. Cai Yaoming is going to givealecture in which he will contribute his knowledge and experience in this regard.


Topic: The pulse of Chan practice triggered by the dharma-realm views

Date/Time: 14:00-17:00, SaturdayofMarch 12

Place: R715, on the 7th floor of Dharma Drum University Preparatory Office (the


Host: Dharma Drum University—School of life and living

Address: No. 77 Yanping South Road, Taipei City (located diagonally opposite the main entrance of Taipei Zhongshan Hall, in the Ximending shopping zone)

Lecturer: Mr. Cai Yaoming

Current title: Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy at National Taiwan University

Academic background: PhDof the Graduate School of Buddhist Studies at the University of California, Berkeley

Specialty: Buddhist philosophy of the way to liberation, Mahayana Buddhism, Prajna school, Consciousness-Only school, Tathagatagarbha studies, Buddhist philosophy of life

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