Peking University visits Dharma Drum University Office of Planning, Signs Agreement for “Dharma Drum Humanities Lecture Series”

[Reported by Liang Jinman in Taipei] On the morning of May 12, Zhou Qifeng, the President of Peking University, led 25 members from the visiting mission of teachers and students from the university on a visit to Degui Academy. During the visit, they exchanged opinions with the Office of Planning of Dharma Drum University about future academic cooperation. President Zhou Qifeng and Abbot President Venerable Guo Dong also signed an agreement for the “Dharma Drum Humanities Lecture Series” to continue promoting the vision of Protecting the Spiritual Environment and caring for the humanities in China.


President Zhou expressed that Peking University is a comprehensive university, has always been strong in the humanities, and also made research in religions a focal point for development. Peking University set up the first Department of Religion in China, with a series of research projects now either in progress or getting under way. It hopes to strengthen its cooperation with Dharma Drum Mountain and Dharma Drum University in the future, working together to advance the academic development and progress on both sides of the strait.


The Abbot President pointed out that Dharma Drum Mountain has Dharma Drum Buddhist College, which was the first single-religion college established in Taiwan. Dharma Drum University, now in the planning stage, has taken as it purpose the cultivation of talents with care for humanities and with the vision of Protecting the Spiritual Environment, and hopes to become a singular university through exchanges and cooperation with Peking University, which has a long-standing academic tradition and innovative educational vision. With the signing of the agreement regarding the “Dharma Drum Humanities Lecture Series,” DDM expects to carry on the spirit of Master Sheng Yen's personal visit to Peking University in 2003 to establish the lecture series by continuing to invite renowned scholars at home and abroad to affirm, through their speeches, the spirit of the concern for the humanities, and go on to improve the people’s character and the quality of culture throughout society.


Liu Anchi, President of Dharma Drum University’s Office of Planning, later led teachers from the four schools of philanthropy, environmental studies, life & living, and arts & culture in a round-table discussion with Li Yansong, Vice President of Peking University, Fang Xingui, Director of the Teaching Affairs Division, Ma Huaxiang, Director of the Students’ Work Division, and Li Qiang, Director of the Social Science Division, exchanging concepts and experiences of running a school and teaching. President Liu also extended a special invitation to the teachers and students to come and visit Dharma Drum University (DDU) again when the school's campus is inaugurated, and personally experience the special learning and cultivation through the environment at DDU that reveals caring for both the humanities, and the environment.