Lecture series on Chan Culture- The Quandary of Life and Death﹘A Symphony by Chan Masters and Taoists

The Quandary of Life and Death﹘A Symphony by Chan Masters and Taoists

“At birth, where do we come from? At death, where do we go?” These questions plunge the world of the living into a mass of doubt.

The sages of old took this issue seriously, investigated it extensively, and recorded their findings in words, bequeathing to us a wisdom to penetrate this mass of doubt.

The Chan tradition’s Fifth Patriarch said, “The matter of birth and death is serious.” And the Sixth Patriarch, Huineng, taught his disciples to “…try to realize the unborn.” In the Taoist tradition, Zhuangzi stressed that “the immortal of ancient times knew not to delight in life, or to detest death.” Investigations about the nature of life and death by Chan masters and Taoist practitioners have continued, in a harmonious dialogue like an orchestral score. As long as the score is interpreted skillfully and performed properly, although this mass of doubt about life may not be shattered, we can still trace the sages’ tracks on the paths of thought, and see the light on the other side of doubt to guide us toward a more wholesome attitude, and a better perspective to address the relevant issues.

Speaker: Dr. Chen Pingkun /  Dharma Drum School of Life and Values

Date/Time: 08/20/2011 (Sat.)14:00-17:00

Location: Room 715, 7th floor, Dharma Drum Degui

Address: No. 77 Yan Ping South Road, Taipei

Host: Dharma Drum University School of Life and Values