Himalaya Foundation Donating Its Entire NPO Management Library Collection to Dharma Drum University

The Himalaya Foundation was established in Taipei in 1990 with a mission of providing support for nonprofit organizations and nurturing talent. The Foundation’s NPO Management Library has been open to the public since 30 October 1999, focusing on collecting NPO books, journals, reports, and pamphlets.
The Himalaya Foundation has been sharing the same vision and a similar purpose with the Dharma Drum University School of Philanthropy. Acknowledging that a university could make better use of these printed resources, the Himalaya Foundation decided to donate to the Dharma Drum University its entire collection of 1,300 books, 12 journals and some 400 documents on individual nonprofit organizations in Chinese and other languages.
During its two decades of service, the Himalaya Foundation was rooted in genuine kindness and selflessness in its dedication to the nonprofit sector. It is hoped that the devotion of the Himalaya Foundation will continue to live on in the younger generation, who will welcome the challenges brought by the new century. Hopefully the new generation will preserve this philanthropic spirit and contribute to bridging the cultural divide in the world.