【Sustainable Development】Orange Technology and Orange Mind

【Reported by Shih-ting Huang】In today's search for Green Technology that conserves energy, reduces the amount of carbon dioxide, and protects the environment, Professor Wang Jhing-Fa, from National Cheng Kung University, has been developing for a long time and from a humane perspective, technologies that are related to human well-being, and he has also initiated the innovative concept of "Orange Technology."

His vision is to expand Green Technology that preserves the Earth's environment to Orange Technology that concerns issues of humanity, next to invoke the Orange Minds, and finally, to start the Orange Movement. On September 26, 2011, Dharma Drum College invited Professor Wang as a keynote speaker, at the Lecture Hall of the Degui Academy, to share the achievement of his long-time research on and development of Orange Technology and Orange Mind.

Professor Wang first explained that he chose the color orange as a symbol for humane care and technological innovation. As the color red symbolizes the sun, yellow symbolizes warmth, the color orange, a mixture of red and yellow, therefore, symbolizes enthusiasm, light, happiness, and warmth. Originally, he hoped that the use of a simple solid color can have the effect of making people associate the color with the concept of humane technology. Through the color orange, people can make the connection between technology and humane care. The color orange represents the expectation of a new technology that is more humane, that conveys the messages of emotional care and warmth, and that can be easily understood and accepted by people.

Professor Wang advocates that the maximum value of a technology comes from and ends with the mind. Therefore, he urges the integration of technologies and innovations from all fields to be used for health care and disease prevention of children and elderly, for prevention of natural disasters, for disaster-relief of affected households, for protection and care of low-income families and the mentally disabled, and for the elevation of cultural literacy. From a myriad of perspectives, technologies should be the embodiment of dignity and caring. Thus, Orange Technology, by integrating "health technology", "welfare technology," and "caring technology," designs products that closely fit the needs of human beings.

Professor Wang also pointed out the correlation between "Protecting the Spiritual Environment" and the "Orange Mind." The original founder of Dharma Drum Mountain, Master Sheng Yen, promoter of the "Protection of the Spiritual Environment," stressed that environmental protection should start from the purification of the heart, treating all sentient beings with loving kindness, and using wisdom to take care of mundane matters. These lessons have stimulated the development of Orange Minds. The core values of Orange Minds -- love and care, wisdom and compassion, picking up and letting go, and the four-goodness movement, good heart, good deeds, good speech, and good people -- when actualized, will help everyone obtain optimum bliss, with the eventual goal of advancing into the stage of total integration of the body-mind-spirit. Professor Wang believes that education should focus equally on teaching students to care for humanity along with the transmission of knowledge. Last, he advocated that the final goal and the focus of technology should still be for the wellness and caring of human beings -- a humane technology that truly brings health and happiness to people.