【Life Story Workshop】Intimacy: Mobility and Freedom

【Reported by Shi-ting Huang】In September 2011, the Life Education Center of the Ministry of Education together with Dharma Drum University's School of Life and Values held a “Life Story and Spiritual Healing Workshop” for life education teachers in senior high schools of Taiwan. The workshop was hosted in two regions, one in northern Taiwan and the other one in southern Taiwan. On September 19th, the first workshop took place at Degui Academy and was hosted by Prof. Yang Pei. Prof. Yang used “Intimacy and Freedom” as the workshop’s topic to discuss three main focuses: “Meeting with the Self”, “Exploring Intimacy”, and “Re-interpretation.”  Participants were expected to tell their life stories through self-awareness and after reflection, so that by in-depth exploration and self-recognition they would be able to truly understand spiritual freedom.

After the full-day workshop, participants felt lighter in their heart. Prof. Yang reminded participants that everyone has the ability to free his/her own heart. By caring for oneself and making contact with oneself, then making contact with others, we will see a lot of good energy starting to emerge and flow. Everyone promised that they would take the care and the sympathy that they learned from the workshop back to their schools and they all hoped to be able to extend what they had learned into their relationship with their students.