【Philosopher Café】Compromising Easily or Used to Persistence ?

【Reported by Ye Shuying】Are you a person who compromises easlily? Or are you a more adamant type? There are a lot of choices in life, and all the time we need to choose between being persistent or making a compromise. On September 24, Dharma Drum College wanted to address this life issue and invited members of the community who are interested in this issue to conduct an open philosophical discussion.

The dialog started from self-inspection by the participants, and it was found that both compromise and persistence always appear relatively, only their frequency and strength are different. In one event, maybe it looks on the surface that there is a compromise being reached, but below that it actually burns down to a case of persistence. When we consider the process underlying persistence and compromise is it possible to clarify their nature and their difference? In due course Professor Ku launched a different idea, asking whether if we believe that everything has two or more possibilities which basically can not be separated, would it therefor not be possible to have a middle road ?

At last, some people thought persistence and compromise are both sides of the same coin, while others thought they are the two ends of a balancing scale that measures and judges in our mind all the time. Professor Ku then reminded that if we approach things from different angles in our thinking, we may find more possibilities, but if  we can not apply such thinking in our daily lives, then the very basic idea of philosophical action cannot be put into practice.