From water and soil restoration to ecological agriculture

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Wed, 2011-10-12

Dr. Wen-Sen Chu, Preparatory Office of Dharma Drum College

The evolution of mankind and its pursuit of civilization have brought significant damages to the global environment. The destruction is continuing in most parts of the world. The negative effects of ecological disturbances caused by environmental pollution have been affecting our daily lives in recent years.
Soil and water restoration refers to all natural, physical, chemical, or biological means to reduce pollution or damages to the soil and water environment. Wind, precipitation, even El Nino are nature's ways to restore our environment, soil tillage, crop rotation, and wastewater treatment are traditional and modern means of soil and water restoration.
To what extent should we restore our water and soil and how much time do we have left?
Ecological agriculture follows nature's rules and ancient methods that still work, and observes the belief that global resources should be shared among all creatures rather than "man(and science)can concur the nature".