World Book Day and DDU’s 2010 Collegiate 100 Recommendations Book Fair

At the occasion of the "4/23 World Book Day ", DDU Library Degui Academy Branch specifically organizes "The Dharma Drum University 2010 Collegiate 100 Recommendations Book Fair” to celebrate and ‘dance with books’. The Book fair was planned collectively by the four colleges established by DDU﹘“the School of Life and Living," " the School of Environmental Studies," "the School of Art and Culture" and “the School of Philanthropy, " in response to the 4/23 World Book Day, to recommend good books for the public. There is a special selection of 100 Chinese and foreign books related to topics that are associated to our four Schools.

 The topics represented by these 100 good books include life education, psychotherapy, environmental education, energy conservation and carbon reduction, community development, spatial design, social enterprise, philanthropic marketing, and other DDU inter-disciplinary themes. DDU hopes through each book to provide you with inspiration and a new vision. Interested readers can either access an introduction to the exhibition catalogue through the “theme book fair" section on the library page of DDU’s website, or visit the Dharma Drum University Degui Academy Branch to browse through the books themselves. The library is on the 10th floor, at #77, Yenping South Road, Taipei; the exhibition runs for one month from April 23 onwards and is accessible every weekday from 10 am to 5 pm. In addition, we also welcome all readers who have a wonderful experience of “dancing with books” to write down your reading experience and joy, and share the inspirations and pleasure of your leisurely cruise among the paper or digital books, to fill the world with the fragrance of books, so that we can create a scholarly Pure Land. Please send your article to ariesgu@ddc.edu.tw.