A Season of Chinese Thanks Giving — An Exhilarating Moment "Annual Tea Party for Dharma University Staffs and Volunteers"

Greatly indebted to enthusiastic staffs and volunteers in the past year, the Preparatory Office held a tea party to acknowledge all the best efforts shown by fellow “Dharmarians”.  The date was specifically chosen before Chinese New Year (Luna Year) and party invitations were sent out widely to all Dharma University staffs and volunteers, providing a great opportunity for all peers to have great fun in. This heart-warming event took place on the 10th library floor of Degui Academy with well over 60 participants. The location was provided with a range of homemade delights and beverages sponsored by willing participants; furthermore, the event was scheduled with various activities such as mini-games, singing/stage performances and experience expose to offer chances for people to meet with unfamiliar colleagues (outside their branches). Prof. Liu An-Chi, President of DDU, emphasized in his opening speech every volunteer helpers are crucial and essential members of Dharma University. The dedications and contributions of volunteers are the key to upcoming development of future Dharma teaching institutes, Xi Zhi Dharma Library and various vital departments and sections running under DDM. The end of the speech was marked by the principal teacher’s acknowledgement toward the hard earned achievements and he wishes to see the same faces in the future. As a reward and early Chinese New Year gift, photographing expert Mr Huang Hwa An prepared his own very hand written Spring Festival couplets to volunteer helpers. Last but not least, photos were taken with all the men and women present at the Tea Party. Toward the end of the Tea Party, under the lead of the music and the experienced, the crowd swung the Xianjiang dance mechanically, but rather joyfully. With a heartening and harmonizing atmosphere, participants parted goodbye with wishes hoping for a beautiful new year.