Social Translation — A new way for professionals to contribute to the world

Date/Time: 2010/01/30 (Sat.)  14:00 - 17:00

Activity Type: Lecture/Forum

Place: Degui Academy 7F (R711)

Host: NetTuesday


“Social translation” movement aims to bridge the knowledge gap through free and open source translation projects. Professionals in different fields can spend their spare time on contribute their expertise for the public good in general and for specific innovative projects. Examples include OOPS, TEDtoChina.com, Webridge, and CiviCRM, etc. For this event, we invite Mr. Leonard Chien from Global Voices Online (GVO) to share his experiences in various social translation projects. If you are interested, you are welcome to come. Event sign-up at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/net.tuesday.tw#/event.php?eid=353006985181


This event was one of the “Net Tuesday” monthly events organized jointly by Netivism.com.tw, Frontier Foundation, and Dharma Drum University ﹘ School of Philanthropy. Net Tuesday was initiated by NetSquared.org with the goal “to connect for all those interested in the intersection of social technologies and social change. For NetTuesday monthly events please visit: http://net2.netivism.tw/about.