All proceeds from Author, Ms. Pan Hsuan’s new book will be donated to Dharma Drum University.

By Hsu Hui Juan

The book launch for "The Most Precious Teachings by Master Sheng Yen" organized by Commonwealth Publishing Company was held on April 13th. DDM's Abbot President, Venerable Guo Dong shared in his speech: "What Shifu has taught us with his life is how we can live our life to the fullest meaning and value." Author of the book, Ms. Pan Hsuan, inspired by the Master's compassionate vow in founding Dharma Drum University, generously donated all proceeds from the book sales to Dharma Drum University, a kind gesture that moved the hearts of many. Abbot President Master Guo Dong and President of DDU, Mr. Liu An-Chi accepted the donation on behalf of the University.

Prominent figures who had sought guidance from the Master, including CEO of the Landis Hotel, Mr. Yen Chang Shou, President of the Taiwan High Speed Rail, Ms. Ying Chi, President of the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation, Ms. Chang Shu Fen, renowned architect, Mr. Yao Ren Xi, and Manager of the news department at Da Ai TV, Ms. Yeh Shu Shan graced the event and talked about how they themselves have also benefited from the Master's teachings. Ms. Yeh said she's very grateful to Shifu because whenever she finds herself in the face of adversity and challenges, she'd immediately think of his words – "To treat all obstacles in life as an opportunity for growth" to give herself the needed perspective. Mr. Yen, CEO of the Landis Hotel shared how he was most struck by Shifu's immense humility. Ms. Pan further added that the process of conducting the interviews and writing the book was in itself an invaluable learning opportunity and a gift to her from the Master himself. 

The new book, "The Most Precious Teachings by Master Sheng Yen" by Ms. PanHsuan, is a compilation of interviews to document the last three years of the Master's life with Protecting the Spiritual Environment as its central focus. The book also talks about the Master's other endeavors such as spreading Chinese Buddhism, the Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance Campaign and the Six Ethics of the Mind. The last chapter is dedicated to discussing the Master's vision and expectations for Dharma Drum University, entitled "The Master's last dying wish – Dharma Drum University.” 


The Master's inspiring teachings have not only remained in writing; they also have a special place in our hearts and lives. While we are ever so thankful to him, we will remember his words and continue to dedicate ourselves to promoting DDM's ideals.