20081227 Major Events

The Preparatory Office of Dharma Drum University and the Hakka College of National Central University (NCU) jointly host, at NCU’s Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, the 5th “Philanthropy Forum”, which President Liu An-Chi presides over. Invited to make a keynote speech, Prof. Chen Bin, the public affairs scholar from the City University of New York, analyzes the differences between the community administration in Shanghai and that in Los Angeles from the perspective of the reform for community administration system. In addition, taking civil society as the main theme, we invite four NPO executives﹘Liang Xiao-Yan, Executive Director of the Friends of Nature in Beijing, Hong De-Ren, President of the Peitou Culture Foundation in Taipei, Qu Qing-Hao, Chief Executive Officer of the Tien Cultural Foundation, and Huang Wen-Qi, Director of the Public Affairs & Resources Development Department of the United Way of Taiwan﹘to share with one another the experiences of their actual operation.