20081021 Major Events

The meeting held at the Tien-mou International Convention Center was organized to discuss the topic on the development of teaching affairs. Those joined President of Dharma Drum University and his fellow staff members in the event included Prof. Lisa Norton from the Art Institute of Chicago, Mr. Richard West from the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Dr. Jane Lewis, founder of the Renlai Magazine, Mr. Jacques Duraud, Prof. Yu You-hua of the Department of Environmental Engineering at National Taiwan University, Prof. Hu Zhi-jia and Prof. Chen Jie-ying of Feng Chia University, Ms. Tang Wei from One Village Foundation, Prof. Chen Yi-kai of the Chihlee Institute of Technology, and Dr. Lu Li-de from Chinatimes. Attendees of the event made valuable suggestions with respect to Dharma Drum University’s school affairs and the planning of its Schools.