Dharma Drum University Preparatory Office participating the Taipei County Forum for Low Carbon Emission

The Environmental Protection Bureau of Taipei County held a Low Carbon Emission Life-style Forum, where Prof. Liu An-Chi gave an opening speech and Prof. Lü Li-De explained the practices Dharma Drum University , which is still in construction, would adopt to reduce carbon emission.










In the opening speech, Prof. Liu said that Dharma Drum University aims to be one with zero carbon emission. Based on its ideal of protecting the spiritual environment, the University will strive toward the goals of protecting the natural environment, social environment, and ecological environment. Moreover, every member of Dharma Drum Mountain will serve as a volunteer protecting the Earth, bearing in mind the responsibilities not only for the Jinshan area, but also for our planet.


As the introducer of the fourth Forum, Prof. Lü illustrated the University’s practices to reduce carbon emission. According to Prof. Lü, in addition to complying with the nine major standards for green architecture, Dharma Drum University also considers for reference the BREEM Standard in the UK, and the LEED Standard in the US , and adopts separate energy control systems independent of areas. Campus traffic control, efficient lighting, ventilation, and recycling measures will also be designed in a way to realize spiritual environmentalism in every corner of the campus.


As global warming has become an international issue, Dharma Drum Mountain hopes to act as an example in reducing energy consumption and carbon emission, promote low carbon lifestyles in every aspect of our daily life, as part of the joint efforts to protect our living environment.