20080523 Major Events

The Preparatory Office of Dharma Drum University holds a second symposium entitled “Dharma Drum Public Interests Forum﹘Public Interests Leadership and its Cultivation.” The main speaker is Mr. Xu Shi-jun of the Fareast Management Lecture Series of Yuan Ze University, and the scholars who join in the discussion include Dean Jiang Ming-xiu of the College of Hakka Studies of National Central University, Prof. Shen Zhong-rui of the Center for General Education of National Ching Hua University, etc.. More than a hundred teachers, students, and partners from various sectors attend the symposium. The participants express high expectation for the establishment of Dharma Drum University. And Board Director Xu Ren-shou of Sheng Yen Education Foundation, Prof. Chen Jin-ying of Business Administration Department of Aisa University, and other participants also give their precious opinions.