A lamp for the world—Dharma Drum University

Cultivating leaders with compassion and wisdom, exploring the future of humanity, and establishing a pure land on Earth. Based on Chan spirit and Protecting the Spiritual Environment DDU aims to establish a global village dedicated to education, creating a diverse learning environment. Innovative in academic research, acting as a model and building a shared prospect in global purification.



Construction starts after more than a decade After a process of more than 10 years of application, planning, and preparation, the construction of Dharma Drum University has finally begun. The University will base itself on Protecting the Spiritual Environment, make the most of its specialties and advantages, showing the world a unique vision and values, as an expression of gratitude and promise toward individuals and society in support of its establishment.

The University will not only provide a unique contribution to Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) itself and the world, but also offer an education different from all other institutes. In addition to basing itself on Buddha-dharma and Chan culture, the University will engage in in-depth care for all humanity and creatures throughout the world.

In terms of academic teaching and research the University will not only engage in innovative research, cultivate leadership talent with compassion and wisdom, but also strive to act as a model and build a shared vision of global purification of the mind and the environment. The University intends to become a global educational village featuring a choice selection of courses, academic research, internationalization, and humanistic care. It is a university worth our support.

Reflecting Dharma Drum Mountain’s comprehensive great whole The University foundation plan reflects the University’s ambition and aspiration to incorporate DDM’s advantages. Based on essential Buddhist teaching and the Master’s ideals, the University will engage in realizing harmony within the individual, between people, people and society, as well with nature. In its initial stage, there will be a College of Humanities and Social Studies, College of Environmental studies, Institute of NPO Management, College of Arts—four educational frameworks reflecting humanism and sustainability for the Earth. In addition, there will be a Chan Experience and Cultural Study Center, Language Center, and Dharma Drum Buddhist College. The University will become one of the few universities in the world founded on the basis of Buddhist teachings while transcending religions, therefore facilitating world peace, sustainability for the Earth, and the welfare of the future generations—a lamp that lights up the human mind and the world.