“Dharma Drum University’s Mission and Vision Sharing Camp”: planning a future global educational village

What is the University’s mission and vision? What are its unique values and outlook? In order to give full play of the University’s special qualities and realize Dharma Drum Mountain’s aspiration in college education, Master Yen invited directors of the Board, professors planning the courses, monks in relevant administrative positions, around 30 persons involved in planning from Dharma Upholders Society and Preparatory Office, to hold a Camp at the Mountain’s Oceanic Convocation Conference Room on August 11 and 12, jointly outlining the University’s vision and mission.


“The thing today’s university education lacks is Chan practice, spirituality, and the education of character. This is what we emphasize and what distinguishes us from others,” the Master said when interviewed about what makes the University unique. Through discussions, the Camp attendants outlined the University’s mission and vision as: to cultivate leadership talent with both compassion and wisdom, to explore the future of humanity, and establish a pure land on Earth, based on the core value of Protecting the Spiritual Environment.” The Master also stressed that the mission of Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) is the very same mission of the University. “The existence of Dharma Drum University is to cultivate talent who can put into practice and promote DDM’s ideals. This is an unchangeable mission of the University.”


Concrete plans were also proposed, including establishing a global educational village, creating a learning a diverse environment, conducting innovative academic research, and building up a model and shared ideas on global purification. The University will not only cultivate talent to promote Protecting the Spiritual Environment, with ability to guide themselves, but also to delve into knowledge and thinking concerning harmonious interaction among all sentient beings around the globe. So the University will be a global village for education featuring a choice selection of courses, academic research, internationalization, and humanistic care.


After many years of application and preparation, actual construction projects for the University are finally kicking off. According to the Preparation Committee’s plan, the University will encompass the College of Humanities and Social Studies, College of Environmental Studies , Chan Experience and Cultural Study Center , and the Language Center . It will be based on the core value of Protecting the Spiritual Environment, with an aim to cultivate talents to bring improvement and stability to society, as well as peace to the human mind.