Master Sheng Yen attends the opening of his calligraphy exhibition, invites the public to support the establishment of the Dharma Drum University

Launched at the Dharma Drum Mountain in February, the exhibition of Master Sheng Yen’s calligraphy, “Free Mind and Chan Delight”, was well received, and its nationwide exhibitions started from June, the first stop being Tainan. Master Sheng Yen attended the opening ceremony at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Tainan , on June 2 in person. In addition to sharing his delight in calligraphy and Chan practice, he also invited citizens of Tainan to support the establishment of the Dharma Drum University (DDU) as a contribution to Buddhist education.




Crowded with visitors, the opening exhibition was also attended by special guests including Abbot Venerable Guo Dong, Tainan Mayor Hsu Tain Tsair, the Chairman of Tayih Landis Wu Jun-yi, the Manager of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Liu Shi-xian, the Chairman of China Daily News Zhan Tian-xing, Venerable Rong Cheng of Zhao Yuan Monastery.



The Master introduced the exhibited works and modestly pointed out that he was not a calligraphy artist and that the calligraphy exhibition was meant to raise funds for the DDU. He expressed the wish that everyone could put in bid for donations enthusiastically and collect the pieces of calligraphy as a work for accumulating merit and wisdom. Moreover, the Master also hoped that everyone would support the project of “great vows to establish the university” by donating 5 dollars a day, and 5,475 dollars three years so that the pressing need of the world for a university like the DDU can be met.



Due to limited space, there were 81exhibits selected from among the 481 works offered by the Master. The Executive Supervisor of Tainan Calligraphy Association Wang Xi-gui went to see the exhibition and described the Master’s calligraphy as ‘revealing true feelings’. He donated his own transcripts of The Common Endeavor of Buddhists and The Heart Sutra in the hope of supporting the project of great vows to establish the university. Li Ya Zhen is a biotech engineer and normally has no time to take part in DDM activities. She took this opportunity of the calligraphy exhibition to purchase the Master’s calligraphy and contribute shared efforts to education.



The exhibition in Tainan ended on the 10th of June.



Sources: Dharma Drum Monthly No. 211, July 2007