Donation collectors’ loving care get-together echoes the great vows to establish the university

To welcome the loving care tour by Master Sheng Yen in the middle of August, Chaojhou Liaison Office organized a loving care get-together for the donation collectors in Chaojhou and Wandan areas on the 7th and 8th of July. There were more than one hundred participants attending the occasion, and Prior of Zi Yun Monastery Venerable Guo-yao also attended to express their concern.



Venerable Guo-yao explained to the participants the compassionate vow of Master Sheng Yen to build the Dharma Drum University (DDU) and introduced the calligraphy exhibition of the Master which is to be held in Kaohsiung Culture Center on August, 11 as well as the refuge and loving care tour undertaken by the Master and Abbot Venerable. A participant from Chicago attending this occasion purchased a piece of the Master’s calligraphy on the spot, to echo the great vow to establish the university after listening to Venerable Guo-yao’s explanation and hence became the third Honorary Board Member in the family.



During the get-together, two worthy donation collectors from Chaochou shared their experiences in introducing people to join Dharma Upholders. Venerable Guo-yao took the opportunity to encourage everyone to attend more group practices and education courses held by the Dharma Drum Mountain so that everyone can hear the teachings of Dharma teachers as well as transform oneself and affect other people through learning the Dharma. In this way, we can introduce more people to join and identify with the DDM.



“5 dollars a day and 5,475 dollars three years” can meet the pressing needs of the world for a university like the DDU.


Make a good vow and work to fulfill it. For more details please see the information on related websites.