20060718 Major Events

Master Sheng Yen holds a dinner party at Nung Chan Monastery to entertain guests including Yang Chao-xiang, former Minister of Education; Li Jian-xing, former President of Taipei University; Zheng Ding-wang, former President of National Chengchi University; Chen Bo-zhang, former President of Hualien Normal College; and Stan Shih, founder of the Acer Group. He discusses with them about the construction of the College. Besides, Ven. Hui Min, Rector of the DDM Sangha, Ven. Guo Guang, Vice Provost of Administration Center, Ven. Guo Zhao, Vice Director of Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, and Zheng Ji-qun, President of the College, also attend the party.