20060629 Major Events

Master Sheng Yen convenes the members of the preparatory committee of the College graduate school for its first preparatory meeting. He explains the reasons for establishing this College, and talks about his expectations for each graduate school, and the major directions for the future operations of the College. Based on the discussion, the meeting decides on the models for the 6 initial graduate schools, as well as the director for each graduate school: Prof. Huang Jun-jie (Graduate School for East Asian Culture), Prof. Gao Tian-en (Graduate School for Foreign Languages and Translation), Prof. Oyang Yan-zheng (Graduate School for Knowledge Management), Prof. Lin Bao-yao (Graduate School for Buddhist Arts), Prof. Jiang Ming-xiu (Graduate School for Non-Profit Enterprises), and Prof. Chen Bo-zhang (Graduate School for Environment and Sustainable Management). The committee also engages Prof. Lin Yao-fu to help with the planning for the Graduate School of Applied Foreign Languages