【Philanthropy Forum】Second-Hand Goods Is Good Business

Date/Time: 2010/08/07(Sat.) - 14:00 - 16:30


Place: 77, Yanping S. Rd., Taipei; Degui Academy 7th floor, R715

Host: Dharma Drum University

Keynote Speaker: Li-Jin Shen 


The secondhand market is good for the wallet and the environment. It is good for the wallet because the consumer may find a bargain at the second-hand stores. It is good for the environment because it preserves the value of goods and reduces the need to manufacture more new commodities. Through a social enterprise approach, a secondhand store can also promote work integration and social justice.

Ms. Shen, parent with a disable child, is a pioneer in operating secondhand shops that create jobs for people with disabilities. She will share with the audience her personal experiences in the area of secondhand market and work integration for people with disability. In specific, she will (1) give an overview of the secondhand market (using Taipei for case illustration), (2) introduce the product flow and operations of secondhand store, and (3) discuss the relationship between government and secondhand sheltering shop.  

You are welcome to come to the forum.