【NetTuesday】 A Desire to Redirect Technology for Eco-living

Date/Time: 2010/08/14(Sat.) - 14:00 - 16:30

Place: 77, Yanping S. Rd., Taipei; Degui Academy 7th floor, R711

Host: Frontier Foundation, Dharma Drum University, Netivism.com.tw

Speaker: Chien-tai Chen / Researcher, Industrial Technology Research Institute



Will it be possible to integrate farming, technology, and living into a holistic eco village? Can technology be used to reduce alienation and to restore the intimacy between human and land? Can we develop a community where farmers and consumers support each other? In the forum, Chen will share his desire to redirect technology for eco-living. Chen will illustrate some preliminary achievements in the community-supported agriculture (CSA) experiment, as well as the goals to integrate technology and farming. You are welcome to join the discussion.


Event Sign-up: http://net2.netivism.tw/events