【NetTuesday】Google Analytics for NPOs

June 26, 2010, the NetTuesday Forum “Google Analytics for NPOs” was held at the Degui Academy that attracted many NPO practitioners in attendance. Inthe forum, three experts — Bob Lian, Peggy Shih, and Tai Wilson - alanyzed four websites (www.taiwangoodlife.org, www.frontier.org.tw/bongchhi, www.bigissue.tw, and e-info.org.tw).

It's now quite common for NPOs to use websites, blogs, and mini-blogs. Nevertheless, it’s suggested that more attention should be paid to concerns such as the quality of website viewing, the viewers’ behavioral pattern, viewer loyalty, etc. Google Analytics is considered as a powerful tool to collect valuable information to address those concerns. For example, the statistics of visitors to www.taiwangoodlife.org suggested that the website may significantly increase its viewers if it connects with more referrers. The statistics also showed a relatively low “bounce rate” and high “time on pages”, which implied high loyalty of visitors.

The NetTuesday monthly forum was co-organized by Frontier Foundation, NeTivism.com.tw, and Dharma Drum University - School of Philanthropy. For forum details please visit: http://net2.netivism.tw/events/2010/06/200. (Lemeen Lee/Taipei)