The 2010 International Forum on Charity & Humanitarian Care, Dharma Drum Mountain

In light of a rapid transition of global climate, heart-breaking disasters, including flood, cyclone, earthquake, tsunami, drought and hunger, have been frequently seen around the world, ruthlessly destroying one’s beloved family and causing huge casualties.

Due to the phenomena of global village that has brought people across the world even closer than ever - prompting humanitarian works to become cross-culture and interfaith - more and more people are therefore wondering what they can do and how they can do for those in need desperately.  

In order to embody philanthropism and to fulfill the vision of ‘Protecting the Spiritual Environment’ proposed by the late Venerable Master Sheng Yen, the founder of DDM, Dharma Drum Mountain is likely to exchange its relief experiences with other humanitarian organizations domestically and abroad through forum.

【Forum─Open to the Public】

Date: 25-26 September 2010

Place: International Conference Hall, 2F, 3rd Building, Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education, No. 14-5, Lin 7, Sanjie Village, Jinshan, Taipei County, Taiwan

【Workshop─Not Open to the Public】

Date: 27 September 2010


 Registration Dates:  July 26, 2010 to September 10, 2010

Online Registration:  http://ddmsys.ddm.org.tw/ActPage/IxPage.aspx?AVTNR=2010900271&ddltypeF=Type01 (in Chinese)

You can also click the link below to download the registration form and submit to us by mail or fax. http://www.ddm.org.tw/UpLoadFile/5b634e65-a1df-4a42-aab3-e03ae38aeef9.doc By email: printernational@ddmf.org.tw By fax: +886-2-2893-9966

Organizers: Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Foundation

Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare & Charity Foundation

Co-organizers: Dharma Drum Buddhist College

Preparatory Office of Dharma Drum University

Executive Team: Department of International Relations and Development, Dharma Drum Mountain

Contact Address: 4F, No. 186, Gongguan Rd., Beitou, Taipei 11244, Taiwan

Tel: 886-2-28939966, ext.6439~6442,6445    email:printernational@mail.ddm.org.tw

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