Photography Exhibition of “Witnessing the Faces of Life”

The School of Life and Living of the Preparatory Office of Dharma Drum University, together with Dharma Drum Publishing Corp. and Humanity Magazine, is scheduled to hold a three-month photography exhibition at the 10th floor library of Degui Academy commencing August 18, 2010. This photography exhibition, titled “Witnessing the Faces of Life-The Journey of Life Between Eyes and Heart,” will exhibit 60 photographic works of Mr. Li Donyang, a contracted photographer of Dharma Drum Mountain, who interprets the manifold aspects of life with the art of photography.

The exhibition includes five themes: “Witnessing Time”, “Witnessing the Moment”, “Witnessing Existence”, “Witnessing the Emotion“, and “Witnessing the Faces of Life at the Present Moment”. Through pausing at each instant moment, it hopes to let people feel the warmth of light and shades, the flowing of time, the progress of life and the retention of memories. Furthermore, through witnessing every moment that once existed, one can witness the depth and richness of life, and gradually see one’s own faces of life.

For the School of Life and Living, this is not only the first photography exhibition that it hosts, but also an attempt to interpret through the exhibition that the beauty of life lies in the distance between the eyes and the heart, and that each one of us may take on this journey of beauty at each and every moment in every day of our life.

The School of Life and Living would like to invite everyone to take on, witness, and complete this journey of “witnessing” and “discovering”. At the same time, after going out of the exhibition hall, one can also continue the upcoming journey of life. (Deng Peiwen/Taipei)