Idea-sharing Activity for Transnational Community-building


The highly anticipated Taiwan-Japan bilateral interchange event, “A Story of Moving Old House from Japan to Taiwan:  Idea-sharing Activity for Transnational Community-building”, was held on July 24th 2010, at 10:00 am, at the “Memorial Hall of A Drop of Water” in the TamsuiPeace Park.  This remarkable project involved a group of Taiwanese and Japanese volunteers working together to successfully relocate an entire century-old wooden building from Oi-cho Fukui County Japan to Tamsui Taiwan. This famous building was built by the renowned Japanese writer, Mizukami’s father, Mizukami kakuji, in 1915. After five and a half years of active contributions from 1,300 participants in both countries, the relocation of the building was finally completed in December last year.

Taipei County Magistrate, Mr. Chou Hsi Wei, Tamsui Town Mayor, Mr. Tsai Yeh Wei, and Entrepreneur, Mr. Tsai Kuen Tsan all joined together at this event to formally welcome the distinguished guests from Japan. A special appearance was made by honorable Professor Mr. Shiozaki Yoshimitsu of Kobe University, who delivered a speech on the topic of “Regional Community Development and International Perspective”. In addition, representatives from Japan kindly donated 5 boxes of Artwork to the “Memorial Hall of A Drop of Water” together with one piece of Chinese Calligraphy which was donated by Mr. Chen Shun Chen, a prominent Taiwanese-Immigrant Writer in Japan.

A special Japanese Tea ceremony was performed by Ms. Takeuchi Chieko from Kobe as a token of appreciation for those who took part in this project in Taiwan. Their endless efforts and major contributions made it possible to accomplish the relocation of the Building.  Other performances also included Mr. Hiroshii Masatoshi’s Japanese flute concert, and hymn singing by Mr. Sait? Kenji. Taiwan presented a short musical program using percussion instruments.

At the closing of the event, the two parties exchanged commemorative gifts; Japan presented Taiwan a carp kite, which symbolizes prosperity. The great interaction between the two countries further enhanced the Taiwan-Japan bilateral relations. The event then ended on a high note with the crowd cheering as the carp kite flew high in the sky above the Tanshui Peace Park.

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