【The Workshop of Life Story and Spiritual Healing】

The Moment a child is born, the role of Parents sustains.
Then, it’s nurture, attention, and support.  It may be endless care and concern.

Later on, a child starts to build an independent self-esteem from growing experience and self-exploration.

Between parents and children, it begins with close relationship throughout the process of embracing and letting go of each other.

Dr. Yang will use his 20 years of practical experience in education to explore your own family stories with you.

Through awareness, review and understanding, let’s try to clarify the value between you and your child together.

Date/Time: 2010/09/25(Sat.) 09:00-12:00 , 13:30-16:30(six hours)
Place: 2F, 77, Yanping S. Rd., Taipei; Degui Academy
Facilitator: Guo-Ru, Yang/ Principle of Taipei Municipal Yu-Sheng Elementary School
Host: Dharma Drum University﹘School of life and living
Fee: $600 for general public, $400 for students (I.D. required)
Note: Please bring a round cushion. 
Sign Up: http://www.ddc.edu.tw/zh-tw/node/9446 , Limit 40 participants