Past Events

Dharma Dhrum University acts in line with the educational goals of great university, great care, and great promotion, which spirits are well demonstrated in the courses offered by Degui Academy.

  • 2009

    In 2009 we held a wide range of courses covering themes in humanities including: Learning Chan's wisdom courses like “Transcending Adversity,” “Mind Power Development,” “Changing mental state,” etc. Life-inspiring stories and cases of Chan patriarchs. Movie shows on topics related to life and death, and there would be a discussion on the issues raised by the movie. Lecture series on Life, which talks cover special topics such as “The Workshop of Life Story and Spiritual Healing,” “Seeing a World of Beauty Through Chan,” “Living our life in the Diamond Sutra,” “Chan and Reflections of Life .” The invited speakers or experts shared their thoughts on how to physically and mentally settle oneself down. Last but not least, there was also the basic workshop of Playback Theatre that conveys one’s life of touch through hand-on participation.
    In wake of widespread devastation brought by Typhoon Morakot, we held reconstruction-related talks such as “Helper's Self-care,” “What is the running of a community,” “Global Climate Change and Its Effects on Taiwan.”
    There were also courses and lectures on social participation/realization held by Public Welfare College. In our talk series “Philanthropy Forum,” we held a number of thematic talks such as “Philanthropy, Civic Engagement, and Network Society,” “Web, Design, and User Experience,” “A Blogger's Manifesto: Free Speech and Censorship in the Age of the Internet,” “Dialogue and the Public Sphere: The Dying Political Talk Shows in Taiwan,” etc. We also had public welfare-related courses “Web Applications You Must Know,” “Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship,” and a workshop on “Leadership and High Performing Team.” We opened an art-related course “Capturing Spirit - The Art of Portrait Photography” with the aim to train photographer volunteers for our Arts and Culture Academy. Our volunteers, under our encouragement, also gave an experience sharing lecture on India’s Buddhist caves art after their Indian trip, during which an artistic photo gallery was concurrently held by the “Capturing Spirit” trainers and trainees.

  • 2010

    In our talk series “Public Welfare Forum,” we gave new talks such as “Constituent Relationship Management and NGO,” “【NetTuesday】Google Analytics for NPOs,” “【Forum】Digital Natives: Not Yet Mainstream?,” “A Desire to Redirect Technology for Eco-living,” “【Philanthropy Forum】Second-Hand Goods Is Good Business.” They successfully attracted young people to show and actualize their care for society. We have also offered the following: a course featuring life theme called “Chan’s Perspective and Reflection of Life,” a talk series named “Philosopher Cafe,” and a workship “Life Stories and Spiritual Healing.” All of which are still in progress.