2008 Philanthropy Forum

The mission of Dharma Drum University is to improve the quality of humanity and create a pure land on earth. Based on the core value of protecting the spiritual environment, we are committed to cultivate a higher quality of life with compassion, wisdom, harmony, and respect.

The School of Philanthropy shares the same mission and focuses on cultivating students to become change agents for society. The Philanthropy Forum aims to serve as an open space that facilitates dialogue among people who want to make a difference for our society. This forum addresses a series of issues about the humanities, technologies, and social transformation. The outcome of the forum is expected to benefit the society in general and specifically the ongoing development of Dharma Drum University.

The main theme for 2008 Philanthropy Forum is “Philanthropy and University”. We would like to explore the role of university in fostering social innovation and robust development of civil society. The forum subjects and the corresponding dates are listed in the following:

No. Forum Subject Date
1 University and Philanthropy in the Civil Society 2008.03.21
2 Philanthropic Leadership and Education 2008.05.21
3 Philanthropy, Innovation, and Social Enterprise 2008.07.17
4 Philanthropy in the Era of Internet 2008.09.24
5 Civic Participation in the Era of Globalization 2008.12.27

Philanthropy Forum is a learning commons that facilitates civil society reflection and dialogue.