Upholding the cross-field integration, collegiate life cultivation, and international vision to carry out the three major characteristics, in addition to practice-based activities, the University assists students in their individual career to make a more appropriate choice which fits the future needs of society.

We offer the following Master Programs in the first year:

  • School of Environmental Studies

    School of Environmental Studies — Master Program of Environment and Development

    Environment and Development Master Program, inspired from the spiritually environmental protection, the exploration of environmental theory and practice, engineering technical research and analyses to the internship and employment arrangements, that are all planned as a whole by the Program, so as to train out experts with professional knowledge, yet those who can transform their humane care for and reflection of the Earth into practical action. The campus is quiet and beautiful, with magnificent buildings, teachers, books, equipment, and internship arrangements all available. We warmly welcome all applicants.(SES Admission)

  • School of Arts and Culture

    School of Arts and Culture — Master Program of Community Regeneration

    We welcome people interested in fields related to Community Building, Cultural and Creative Industries, Cultural Property Management, Product Design Marketing, Urban and Rural Planning, and Cultural Administration..(SAC Admission)

  • School of Philanthropy

    School of Philanthropy — Master Program of Social Enterprise and Innovation

    School of Philanthropy welcomes people from those of all ages, from all walks of life and all religious or spiritual traditions, and backgrounds. We welcome people who identify with our mission and are seeking opportunities to connect personal career with social cause.(SOP Admission)

  • School of Life and Living

    School of Life and Values — Master Program of Life Education

    School of Life & Values welcomes people from all ages, walks of life, religions, spiritual traditions and backgrounds. We particularly welcome young people who identify with our mission and seeking for the meaning of life, self-growth, physical and mental development, life-care, Chan (meditations) and spiritual health, development of life relationship, ethics, life education and so on.(SLL Admission)