Lecture series on Chan Culture

What is Chan, exactly? It is peace of mind and body attained by penetrating into the true reality of life.

The true reality of life is the real situations of an entity of life that manifests impermanence, suffering, emptiness, and selflessness in the cycle of birth and death. Therefore the Buddha taught his disciples to observe and contemplate on the impermanence, suffering, emptiness, and selflessness involved in the elements that constitute our life, and thereby settling our body and mind in the state of nirvana, where we gain liberation from samsara, or the cycle of rebirth.

How should we address this big question of life? Dr. Cai Yaoming is going to give a lecture in which he will contribute his knowledge and experience in this regard.

Abstract: To contemplate on the relationship between samsara and salvation or liberation, as well as the possible ways to gain salvation or liberation from samsara, in face of birth and death as a norm in this world. First of all, why should samsara be an issue of concern? Secondly, in what way should samsara be looked at? Thirdly, how did the philosophy of salvation develop based on the reality of samsara? Fourthly, how should one perceive and examine samsara and salvation? Fifthly, how did the philosophy of liberation develop from the state of samsara? And sixthly, how should one work out a way to gain liberation in the midst of samsara? 

Topic:The pulse of Chan practice triggered by the dharma-realm views
Date/Time: 14:00-17:00, Saturday of March 12
Place: R715, on the 7th floor of Dharma Drum University Preparatory Office (the Degui Building,MAP)
Host: Dharma Drum University School of Life and Living
Lecturer: Prof. Cai Yaoming / Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy at National Taiwan University

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