Lecture Series on Introduction to Chan Culture (III)

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Lecture Date: 
Sat, 2011-07-16

Presenter: Chen Pingkun
Current Position: Research Assistant at the Preparatory Office of Dharma Drum University.
Specialties: Mahayana Buddhism, study of the Three Treatise School, philosophy of the Chan school, and Chinese philosophy.

With an emphasis on the cultivation of the mind, the Chinese Chan Buddhism offers teachings in a concise and direct manner. Simply a few remarks can often eradicate the obstructions of those who study and practice Chan.
The ancient poems are often succinct, elegant yet profound in meanings, and very similar to the style of Chan. Thus, it is very common that when Chan masters get inspirations they often turn their words into poetry and express their feelings, inspirations, and views metaphorically.
Not only do the poems in Chan tradition offer valuable aphorisms and meaningful words that are inspirational, they also give us opportunities to reflect upon the perspectives introduced. So, students of Chan, why not come to join us. Let your mind rest over the weekend and take on a journey of Chan poetry, coursing in the in the bliss of Chan.