Come and Play: Experiencing Four Kinds of Environmentalism!

Degui Academy (Taipei), October 31, 2009, hosted the “Come and Play: Experiencing Four Kinds of Environmentalism!” It was a great success with over four hundred people attending the event to experience the environmentally conscious lifestyle. This event was sponsored by Dharma Drum Youth Buddhists Society, Dharma Drum University Preparatory Office, and Dharma Drum Humanities & Social Improvement Foundation. It provided twenty-five fun-filled program and activities for the general public to experience the Dharma Drum concepts of protecting the spiritual, living, social, and natural environment.


University Library - Degui Branch - also opened on the same day, with a special exhibit titled “The Earth is burning.” The Degui Academy’s building in itself as a green building was part of the main focus of that day, and the visitors also got to sample rooftop vanilla tea as part of the tour. The animated film titled “The Story of Stuff” opened our eyes to the lifecycle of a product from raw materials, manufacturing, sales and discard in relation to the environment. And through using the toilet paper roll as the main axis for the DIY kaleidoscope, parents and kids got to experience the fun and the accomplishment of doing things by hands as part of the creativity of being environmentally conscious. At the event, the global movement of “fair trade” was being promoted. In addition, the event demonstrated the system of PC sharing with multiple users that the University adopted. This computer system reduces energy consumption and minimizes the installment and maintenance cost for computers.


Through the event, participants not only personally experienced the knowledge and fun of environmental care through the event but also generated greater awareness and an added cherishment for the environment. Protecting the environment starts with each of us. And together we can influence people around us for the future of our planet with love, joy, and gratitude.