20080321 Major Events

Presided over by Professor Liu An-Chi of the Preparatory Office of Dharma Drum University, the first symposium entitled “Dharma Drum Public Interests Forum﹘University and Public Interests in Civil Society” is held at the NTUH International Convention Center. The main speaker is Mr. Chen Jian-min, Director of Center for Civil Society Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Scholars who join in the discussion include Dean Jiang Ming-xiu of the College of Hakka Studies of National Central University, Mr. Zhang Ying-zhen, Director of Civil Society Research Center of National Chi Nan University, etc.. Also present at the forum are representatives of groups which have been engaged in the field of public interests in Taiwan for a long time, such as Ms. Li Ping of the YWCA in Taiwan, Mr. Xu Shou-ren, Board Director of Sheng Yen Education Foundation, Prof. Chen Jin-gui of the Department of Public Administration and Policy of Taipei University, etc.. They exchange ideas with the scholars speaking at the forum, arousing warm and vigorous discussions. The participants all think that the core of university education should be an education of civic virtues, and that Dharma Drum University, which is founded by Master Sheng Yen and takes “Protecting the Spiritual Environment” as its core vision, will certainly turn out outstanding talents who are “equipped not only with excellence but also with a soul.”