Master Sheng Yen holds a personal calligraphy exhibition for the University

Mr. Lin Hwai-min, Art Director of Cloud Gate Dance Theater and Master Sheng Yen, Founder of Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM), co-hosted the opening ceremony for the “Free Mind, Chan Delight—Master Sheng Yen’s calligraphy exhibition” at 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 1, 2007. During the ceremony, the Master expressed special thanks to Ms Wu Gui-lan, wife of Founder of Shinkong Group, Mr Wu Huo-shih, and dozens of committee members who had organized the exhibition, including Mr Ye Rong-jia. Also attending and supporting this event were, among more than 100 social leaders, Ven. Jin Neng, Ven. Nun Jian-shin, Ms Lin Man-li, Director of the National Palace Museum, Mr Xie Yindang, President of Central Police University.

Mr Lin Huaimin said that DDM provides hope and a spiritual refuge in this era of competition driven by profit. Though he is a knowledgeable monk with great wisdom, the Master, who explains the Dharma in everyday language and in a kind tone, has become an important force for social stability. Mr Lin admired the exhibits saying that “True Freedom” was the best, and that he believed that these calligraphy scrolls radiating softness and compassion would definitely comfort, inspire, and enlighten people in the future, just as in the past the works of the late Master Hong Yi had. He hoped people attending the exhibition would appreciate and collect those works, in a joint effort to facilitate the establishment of the University. He also embraced the Master as a tribute on behalf of all those who care for the Master.

With his vow to establish the University, the Master, though physically frail, managed to attend the ceremony. He said that the current problem in higher education is not that there are too many universities in Taiwan , but that of failing to cultivate talent versed in knowledge, skills, integrity, and spirit of dedication. While DDM, with its experience of more than 30 years in higher education, strives to educate talent beneficial to society as a whole.

With this great vow to improve education and cultivate talent for society, Mr Ye Rong Jia, among other individuals, initiated and organized this calligraphy exhibition. Master Sheng Yen revealed his spiritual process of completing these works, from the original 20-odd scrolls to more than 500, completed during a period when he was suffering from illness and usually practiced his calligraphy in the quiet late at night or at dawn. Each piece of work was written with ease and peace of mind, without set purpose, and therefore the exhibition was titled “Free Mind, Chan Delight” Last but not least, the exhibition, following those held in Jinshan, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung since February 2007, was full of sentiments of gratitude. Ms Wu Guilan, representing top-level executives from the Shinkong Group, went on stage to receive a blessing from the Master, who gave her two of his original scrolls reading “Harmony, Joy, and Ease” and “Peace of Mind Forever”, in thanks to the Group, which provided their outlets for display free of charge. He wished Ms Wu and all the Group’s members harmony among them, bringing joy, ease, and peace of mind at all moments throughout their lives.


The Master also gave every person each who had contributed behind the scenes in the organization of the event a copy of a scroll in gold paint reading “Abiding Nowhere, Give Rise to the Mind. He explained that this is a line from the Diamond Sutra, which enlightened the Sixth Patriarch and was one of the late Master Hong Yi’s favorite lines, and which can be seen at the gate of Nung Chan Monastery and in the Chan Hall at Dharma Drum Mountain . He hoped that the line could inspire people to realize the philosophy of being proactive while unattached in the mind. As Mr Lin Huai-min received the scroll on their behalf, the Master insisted on standing with his palms joined as a show of gratitude to every kind person supporting the establishment of the University, touching the hearts of many.