Ms. Li Wu Li-Ying donates a classroom building to the Dharma Drum University

In the afternoon of June 7th the skies cleared after several days of downpours. A plainly dressed couple came to the tight and small office of Sheng Yen Education Foundation in

Ren Ai Road

. They co-signed an agreement with Master Sheng Yen to donate 187 million NT dollars to be used towards the construction fund of a building for the College of Environment Studies of the Dharma Drum University .




The husband, Mr. Wu, Shao Lin is an entrepreneur, with an air of wise man, and the wife, Ms. Hu Lan leads the Taipei Montessori Kindergarten and is a much respected pioneer of childhood education. Ms. Hu was entrusted by her late aunt Ms. Li Wu Li-ying and her husband Mr. Li Jia-chang to dispose of her aunt’s bequest. Ms. Hu decided to make the best arrangements for her aunt’s last wish and to find a purpose for the bequest that would be of the highest significance and merit.



After several amazing events, Ms Hu, with the help of her husband, first made inquiries with her old friends Ke Bi-yao, Fang Tai-hua and Ge Jie-hui, who were members of Dharmic Affinity Society and vowed to introduce the entrepreneurs to the project of great vows to establish the university. After meeting with Master Sheng Yen and the Abbot, and having come to understand the Master’s forward-looking and boundless compassionate vows to benefit sentient beings, she affirmed the admiration she felt while witnessing the inauguration of Dharma Drum Mountain .



For the sake of prudence Ms. Hu accepted the explanations and suggestions made by the director of the Dharma Drum University (DDU) Mr. Liu Wei-gang and Architect Kris Yao and others, and decided to donate her aunt’s bequest toward the construction of the College of Environment Studies of the DDU. In this way, her aunt’s bodhisattva vow will stay in the world and has become an eternal light. She wished that her aunt’s benevolence would benefit countless students and hoped that the environment we live in may return to infinite vitality.



In the future, the classroom building of the College of Environment Studies of the DDU will be named “ Li-ying Building ” in memory of Ms. Li Wu Li-ying’s virtuous deeds and become part of one of the numerous stories in the history of the DDU. The Li-ying Building will become the main classroom building transforming the lives of countless students and affect people’s hearts. It is also a manifestation of Guanyin everywhere in the Dharma Drum Mountain . It represents the best reward for our contribution to the construction of the DDU. The great vow to establish the university lies in you and me.